Zanzibar is made of two island Unguja and Pemba, I was lucky enough to have a good friend, Juma, who lives there to show us round and treat us to real Zanzibarian life; here are my photos.


Unguja is the largest, most populated of the two Islands, it's the island you think of when you think of Zanzibar, below are photos from the island.

Stone Town 

Stone Town Night market

This is the historic centre of Zanzibar, there is a large night market, hotels and shops for souvenirs and wares.


This is a small town just outside Stone Town on the east coast.  Outside our hotel was where the fishing boats landed after the night's fishing, below are the pictures I got early one morning.

Bububu at night

It seems that chips and kebab are a bit of a local fan, below is what you can expect from hot roadside food.

Spice Tour

Zanzibar is know as the spice Island, so what better to do.

Jozani Forest

In the centre of Zanzibar there is a reservation where you can see wild animals native to the area.


On the east of the Island there are more secluded beaches with white sand stretching for miles.


Pemba is the smaller and less populated Island in Zanzibar, it is often forgot and not many travellers visit, this gives it a little more charm. Below are my pictures from the various places I visited.

Chake Chake

This is the main town on Pemba.

Mesali Island and Mkoani port

We took a trip to one of the island for a few scuba dives, however my battery was flat on the go pro! note to always check gear before you go out.  When we returned the MV Serengeti had docked from Stone Town, the chaos and havoc provided a great photo opportunity.


We visited the beaches up north, mostly they were deserted apart from a few people playing football or sleeping in the shade.


We visited my friends village and took a few snaps of life there.