United Kingdom

I've been back a few weeks now and i've had chance to go on a few adventures, getting used to the UK has been interesting, for me it's actually like moving to a new country; below are places I've been.


The home of British sailing? if not certainly the heart of British sailing being so close to the Solent.  Every part of the little Hampshire village is attached to the sea in some way.


On a recent trip home I took a walk along the Chesterfield canal into Retford town center, below are the pictures i took along the way.

ChedDar Gorge



Living in a town it's nice to get out to the countryside now and then, these pictures were taken while at a friends wedding.


We may have chosen the wettest time to go to wales, but with a good set of water proofs you can certainly have a good walk.  I think next time we go back I'll plan a drier weekend.