My gear

Below are the cameras I use on a daily basis, I've included a brief description of them and a small review based on my experience with them.  I shoot with a variety of cameras, both digital and 35mm and medium format film; depending on the situation and what i have to hand.  I promise I'll add some photos in the next few days of each of the cameras.

Pentax 6x7

Best described as an SLR on steroids, the Pentax 6x7 is a medium format camera, so takes 120 and 220 film. The size of the frame is 6cm x 7cm, hence the name of the camera.  The camera is great to use with really good lenses at a very good price, the Pentax like all classic cameras has a bit of cult following, due to its size it is a bit of a struggle to carry around, particularly for street photography.  However the quality of the images are well worth the struggle.

Hasselblad 503cw

The Hasselblad was the first ever system camera and for this it is a classic in the photography world, this means that the lens, body with mirror and view finder and the film magazine are all interchangeble.  The camera is a medium format camera so also takes 120 and 220 film, the negative size depends on the back which is used the A12 gives 6cm x 6cm the A16 back gives 6cm x 4.5cm.

Olympus OM10

The OM10 is a 35mm camera which means you'll get 24 or 36 shots on the role depending which film you buy.  The camera has both fully auto and an aperture priority mode, which allows you to select the aperture and camera selects the shutter speed.  The camera is a very reliable and practical camera, because they can be picked up so cheap on ebay (£30-£40) they make a great camera as an introduction to film.

ricoh KR-10 super

So not technically my camera as a friend has lent it to me for a short while, but i thought i'd include it here. The Ricoh is also a 35mm, with the same manual and aperture priority function.  From what i've found so far it is a very easy camera to use, I've not yet developed any film from this one yet so will be a test after my next trip away.

Canon 5d Mark iii

So the Canon is the only digital camera I use out of my arsenal, when i first got the camera prior to shooting film this was my main camera and I've shot many family holidays with this one, the camera does everything you want and more with many additional features and menus.  The low light capability of this camera is insane, even in pitch black this camera handheld will give you great shots.  However for all the technology I still love shooting with the film cameras, they come from a design which makes it so easy to change the shutter speed and aperture intuitively with dedicated nobs.  

Saying that I still carry this one on my holidays to get great high definition photos with ease.  The digital work stream is so much quicker than film, but film does for that reason make you contemplate the shot more.