Musandam (Dibba)

I've been to Dibba in Musandam twice over the past few months, the last trip we went for a scuba dive in The Gulf of Oman and hiking and camping in the mountains.  Below are the photos, maps and locations of the key points in the adventure.

Location map for Musandam.


We went scuba diving around Lima, where there are plenty of coral beds and wide variety of fish and other creatures.  We went with the people from Sheesa beach dive centre, who are a great company very proffesional and well prepared.

Camp Site

We camped out in the mountains near Dibba, the camp is 30km from Dibba along the whadi track which is signed posted to Khasab.  The camp site has amazing views of the villages and the whadi floor beneath, a great place to watch the sunset and star gaze, the photos below the map show the view.  The co-ordinates for the camp are below, or can be downloaded at the bottom of the page;

Dibba Mountain Camping Spot (25.787679, 56.206862)

Whadi Climb

We plotted a climb/ scramble through the whadi to the top of the highest mountain in the area.  The climb is tough in places and requires some real endurance, a round trip took approximately 6 hours to reach the top and descend.  The route we took can be seen below in the map, the photos further below show the size of the boulders which need to be scaled.  The climb gains about 800m over 3km, the co-ordinates for the start and end along with the route can be found below , or can be downloaded at the bottom of the page;

Whadi Hike (25.802148,56.235604)

Mountain Top (25.823295,  56.230051)


All the locations and track can be downloaded from the below link as a .kmz file, which can be opened in google earth or exported to a map software like